Deploying Saffron Finance on Polygon(previously Matic)

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Grant 30 SFI to the developers for deploying SFI on Polygon

Ethereum scaling is here with Defi giants like Aave, Curve, etc recently deploying on Polygon. Polygon seems to have a big network effect and seems to be the leading layer2 chain for now. Various developers claim that the Polygon team is very helpful and supportive of projects deploying on Polygon. So I propose that the core Saffron team or some developer of their choice deploy Saffron on Polygon.

The benefits of layer2 is very clear.

  • Cheap gas fees with easier access to smaller users.
  • Addition of new strategies and lending protocols on the Polygon network.
  • Value capture based on the incoming layer2 based DeFi summer.

I believe that this should be of very high priority besides Saffron V2 as it will improve the usability of the protocol to a huge extent.

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What would the 30 SFI be used for? Is there a fee associated with integrating with Polygon or is this to pay developers working on Saffron to actually do the work?

I’m assuming this proposal is referring to the Matic PoS Bridge, not Plasma (which has a 7 day withdrawal period back to ETH)?

Yes this is to pay developers working on Saffron to actually do the work. As the team is busy on deploying V2 ASAP, if any freelance developer would want, this grant will incentivize them to help with this extra work. Or if the main developers want, they can also do some extra work for this incentive.
AFAIK deploying on matic refers to both, PoS and plasma bridge

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Thanks for the clarification. I think deploying on the bridge is a good idea but I don’t see why we need to pay the devs to do this. If it’s valuable to the Saffron ecosystem, then surely that’s motivation in itself to do the technical work? Maybe @psykeeper or @turpintinz can provide an estimate on the effort and how that would fit in with current priorities.


5 Days and still no reply. Not motivating at all. :pensive:

Hey Ghazni, you can move this thread to consensus check whenever you feel it’s ready.

I heard a chit chat about team planning on deploying saffron on Solana. If that’s true, then it might not be necessary to deploy on polygon anyway. So until @psykeeper doesn’t give any proper answer, I think there is no point in moving this proposal forward.

I would consider Solana integration a separate project. If the community would like Polygon integration as one priority, then, it would not be a bad idea to hear its opinion. Saffron Finance is in the process of adding developers, so there is capacity to add the effort to effect this proposal.

And what about the questions raised by @Infinnerty regarding the incentives needed to pay the developers. Should there be incentives or not?

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