Deploying on Polygon

With Aave, Curve, and recently Balancer deploying on Polygon, it is evident that layer 2 scaling is here. And if we want the adoption of Saffron.Finance, we have to move along this path. With transaction costs of a few cents, this is going to be the best experience for the Saffron community.


I love how you started this discussion in the Proposals category. Thank you. Some clarifying questions:

  1. When would this proposal have integration with Polygon completed?

  2. How much SFI from the treasury does the proposal want to spend?

  3. Is this proposal asking to research the specifics of deploying to Polygon? Or, is there something specific implied here?

  4. How would the proposal be prioritized with current V2 development?

  5. Who would implement the proposal? The Saffron Team or another party?

All these specifics can be answered by discussing with the developers. I only wanted to propose that the team looks into these developments. As the saying goes “Early bird catches the worm”, we need to be quick with these ongoing developments. For example look at Aave metrics on Polygon :

Aave has approx 3.5b TVL on Ethereum

Within 1 month of deployment, it has approx 1b on polygon already
This shows that the market is willing to move to layer2 and the growth potential is big.

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I think this is worth taking a look at. We have strong connections with the Polygon team and can likely get assistance on the development effort. @ghazni , do you know of any other lending protocols that are popular on Polygoin? Ideally we’d launch with 2-3 of them implemented.

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There is a cool protocol working on under collateralized loans named Easyfi on Polygon. But recently they got hacked and have been recovering from that saga. The hack was a targeted attack on founder’s metamask AFAIK, similar to what happened with Hugh Karp of Nexus Mutual. Here is their website : They are also listed on binance.
I have also heard some rumors of Alchemix looking into prospects of deploying on Polygon(not confirmed).
This twitter post sums up most of the Polygon ecosystem partners.

Just as an FYI, there isn’t a particular threshold that a discussion needs to reach before it can be moved to Temperature Check, this section is meant to refine ideas and get feedback from the community. It seems like discussion on this has stalled a bit. @ghazni would you like to do the honors of making a proposal about this in Temp Check?

Polygon has a number of yield farms protocols. Adamant polyfarm and poly zAp among the biggest.

Beyond aave, Pool together might be an interesting one to work with. They have a tether prize with matic rewards.

Lastly quickswap and curve are offering tiled farming rewards on stable pairs which could acts like an interst bearing token

It’s my opinion polygon is going to be at least one main level 2. The network effects are huge right now. My advice. Try to get polygon natives protocols on board rather than the polygon versions of the big guys.

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No brainer for me. Deploy on polygon – it’s a solid L2

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Yeppp sounds great people. Lets make it happen!

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A vote for the proposal is here: