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Ethereum scaling is here with Defi giants like Aave, Curve, etc recently deploying on Polygon. Polygon seems to have a big network effect and seems to be the leading layer2 chain for now. Various developers claim that the Polygon team is very helpful and supportive of projects deploying on Polygon. So I propose that the core Saffron team or some developer of their choice deploy Saffron on Polygon.


The benefits of layer2 is very clear.

  • Cheap gas fees with easier access to smaller users.
  • Addition of new strategies and lending protocols on the Polygon network.
  • Value capture based on the incoming layer2 based DeFi summer.

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Following up on this, the first Saffron V2 tranche pool will be deployed on Polygon, as indicated in the blog post here: Saffron V2 pre-announcement. Today marks the first day of the rest… | by psykeeper | | Aug, 2021 | Medium