[Consensus Check] Sweep and redeem for the broken HLY underlying contract on Harmony

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Snapshot proposal for voting


  • Saffron Finance funds coverage of depositors’ Beta HLY/WONE Senior Tranche pool with USDC funds external to the Insurance Tranche pool.
  • Provide detailed instructions for emergency withdrawal of HLY/WONE Insurance Tranche pool.
  • Developers will dedicate resources to implement emergency_withdraw to all Saffron V2 Insurance pools in both smart contracts and user interface.


A recent setting change of the HolyGrail contract’s totalAllocPoint to zero for all its pools. The change causes a division-by-zero error when Saffron users attempt making a deposit or withdraw.

This proposal will restore the current depositors’ TVL (approximately $70) from USDC funds external from the Insurance Tranche fund (approximately $25,700). Current depositors of the Insurance Tranche can withdraw their positions using an emergency withdraw procedure. The details of the procedure will be provide to the Saffron Finance community through its social media.

This proposal also directs Saffron Finance developers to implement an emergency_withdraw function appropriately for all its V2 tranche pools making it possible for pool contracts to withdraw any funds deposited into integrated platforms. Implementation includes providing user interface components to make this process simple for future users.


Vote FOR: Restore funds to Senior Tranche depositor, emergency withdraw for Insurance Tranche, and develop emergency_withdraw for all V2 pools

Vote AGAINST: Make no change