[Consensus Check] Saffron Staking V2 Rewards Renewal


Saffron Staking V2 rewards recently passed the cutoff according to the previous proposal.
This consensus check is created to decide whether the community like to extend the staking rewards and how to achieve liquidity in DEX exchanges.


  1. Renew the staking rewards for single side and LP with the same SFI amount as previous:

    3375 SFI/WETH pools (UniswapV2 and SushiSwap)
    2250 SFI single-staking

  2. Renew the staking rewards for single side and LP with half of the previous SFI amount:

    1688 SFI/WETH pools (UniswapV2 and SushiSwap)
    1125 SFI single-staking

  3. Make no change (do not renew staking rewards).

  4. Sell treasury SFI for ETH and pool it to UniswapV2 and SushiSwap for DEX liquidity without
    staking rewards.

Hey there @vd_eth are you able to also include the snapshot poll as well? We need to be able have users vote on it using their SFI.

See if you’re able to make one here: Snapshot


Go vote guys!