About the Stage 1: Temperature Check category

The purpose of the Temperature Check is to determine if there is sufficient will to make changes to the status quo.

To create a Temperature Check:

Ask a general, non-biased question to the community on gov.saffron.finance about a potential change (example: “Should we change SFI emission schedule to 50 SFI per epoch?”). Forum posts should be labeled as follows: “Temperature Check - [Your Title Here]” . The forum post should include a poll with the relevant options.

Community members will vote to indicate their interest in bringing it forward to the next stage. Discourse poll lengths last for 2 days.

That’s it! You’ve just started the process of gaining support for a proposal. At the end of the 2 days, a majority vote wins.

If the Temperature check does not suggest a change from the status quo, the topic will be closed. If the Temperature Check does suggest a change, proceed to Stage 2: Consensus Check.