[Temperature Check] - Grant SFI to Dingo to expand Saffron Academy/Governance


Grant Dingo 20 SFI per quarter from the treasury, from Q2 2021 - Q2 2022.

Schedule: Dingo will receive 20 SFI upon a successful Consensus Check snapshot vote (since the Q2 start date has already passed), and is then delegated 20 SFI at the start of each quarter (July 1, October 1, and lastly January 1, 2022) until Q2 2022. The community will revisit this decision at the start of Q2 2022.


I wasn’t part of the original launch of Saffron, but joined the team during its first month and have been in close contact with the community. Since then, I’ve delved into expanding Saffron’s marketing and PR capabilities, started the Saffron Academy education initiative, the Saffron Weekly, Saffron Academy Podcast, and have had the pleasure of getting to know so many of you on Discord/TG. I’m extremely passionate about the real world applications behind Saffron Finance and am incredibly excited to see the momentum we’re going to be picking up as more institutional investors look for stability in a volatile market like cryptocurrency and turn to us. My goal is and has always been to market Saffron in unique, creative ways and I believe that I possess a good intuition of what future marketing proposals could benefit the protocol and would like to have input going forward.

Now that we are making the shift into full decentralization that requires SFI to vote on protocol changes, I’d like an allocation of SFI for two reasons:

A. To help continue to build out the Academy and expanding our global marketing presence to increase Saffron Finance’s overall health & longevity.

B. I’d like to have a voice going forward as we shape the future of the protocol alongside you all. Governance deliberation is something that I’m going to be very active in going forward alongside with running admin on the Discourse forum. I’d like to be involved in that process as one of the initial team members.

  • Vote “Yes” to the Proposal
  • Vote “No” to the Proposal

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Let me know what you guys think! Looking forward to working alongside all of you over the coming months as we shape the future of Saffron Finance.

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What does “delegate” mean?

Thanks for bringing that up, perhaps “delegate” isn’t the right word choice in this instance. I’ll rename the Temperature Check title to “grant”.

I really can’t say if 20 SFI is a fair amount of compensation because it’s not clear as to what Saffron is expected to receive for the 20 SFI, but I’m not opposed to the idea of compensating Dingo.

Apologies if the info below jumps the gun on temperature check and should wait until the formal Consensus Check – got on a roll and so I’ll copy and paste over whatever doesn’t get answered in the Consensus Check. Hopefully some of my questions help you write the proposal!

Dingo has positioned himself with great, professionally made, and easily understandable content for the Academy. I would like to see more video content and more documentation and on-boarding assistance. I think it’s an important part of building the protocol, raising brand awareness, and helping people understand the value provided by Saffron.

Really what I’m looking for are some metrics by which we can measure the investment so that in one year there can be an objective assessment and clear justification to continue the delegations for another cycle in 2022Q2.

Below I’ve outlined some information and questions I have regarding this proposal:

What are some ideas you’ve been planning to fulfill your goal “to market Saffron in unique, creative ways”? Can you give us an outline of your vision for where SFI will be in 2022Q2 and the contributions you will have made to get us there?

80SFI at $1500/SFI is $120,000 which is 0.1% of the entire market cap per cycle.
I don’t think anyone is expecting SFI to sit at $1500 for another year. If SFI goes back up towards all time highs the compensation is $60,000+USD per quarter… which is about a quarter of a million USD for the 4 quarters. Would Dingo be open to accepting less SFI (same / more USD value) in the next cycle? In part because there are less than 10,000 SFI left to mint, maybe that doesn’t effect this proposal since (I’m assuming) these granted/delegated SFI are being released from existing minted tokens in the treasury. Please confirm if my understanding is correct.

Can Dingo or the team provide details of responsibilities / deliverables (per quarter, minimum) in regards to what the expectations are for Dingo in exchange for the 20 SFI per quarter?

Who does Dingo report to / who is Dingo accountable to?

Can Dingo provide details / log of time invested on Saffron projects/work to date? Estimates are fine, I’m just curious - how much time do you invest to produce a video (I know it’s time consuming!)
Has Dingo received any compensation for work completed up until this point? If yes, how much?

How much time per day/week/month/quarter has Dingo been investing currently?

How much time does is Dingo expecting to contribute per quarter (or week) to complete your deliverables? (Is this a full time job?)

What kind of records will be kept? Just like we have multi-sig wallet, we should have credentials and all Saffron project relevant data stored in a cloud location with someone else on the team having a means/credentials to access in case of emergency or unforeseen circumstance.

Is Dingo responsible for any sub-contractors and other extra costs involving the deliverables?

An example: Dingo hires 4 people at $1000/month to do the deliverables and pockets the rest (not questioning Dingo’s character here) – Then (based on proposals I’ve seen come in other projects) one or more of the sub-contractors claiming they actually did the work submit a proposal at the the project that discloses how they (little) were paid and requests they be hired on for similar compensation as the original hire (Dingo.) [In the example, they weren’t hired on] I’m not sure that it matters, I just want to information dump the scenarios I’ve seen play out. So I would appreciate if we can define whom is responsible for additional expenses to meet deliverables.

Who owns the components developed to create the work (art elements, designs, music, workflow, style, etc) and whom owns the rights to the finished work? Can that agreement be made in writing? Work for Hire, I believe is the appropriate term, so if something happens or the agreement doesn’t continue for another cycle Saffron clearly owns the deliverables and the academy content.




@Dingo is clearly enthusiastic about Saffron and I trust the grant will be used in good faith. However, if I were to vote yes, I’d like to see a breakdown of expenditure each quarter so we can attempt to assess ROI.

@rayraspberry has asked some great questions and would be good to see responses to those.


Good points well made by Ray. Great to know whether there is a lock up or not aswell? #bullishdumping


These are great points that have been brought up that I’d like to take some time to elaborate more on. Even though the poll has technically won and passed the first stage, instead of moving it to stage 2 (which would normally happen after 48 hours) I’m going to close the topic and work together with Psykeeper to come up with a modified proposal that expands a bit more on our marketing budget as a whole so we can break things down a little easier for everyone. We’ll be looking closely at some of the questions brought up and keeping them in mind. Thank you for the feedback!