About the Forum Rules category

Let’s continue doing our part in continuing to make the Discourse as welcoming and productive place as we can.

  • Do not excessively spam the Temperature Check category with proposals, please respect the governance flow. Work your initial idea out in the Proposals section with the community, then once enough like-minded sentiment is reached, push the idea to the Temperature Check category.

  • Manipulating votes on Discourse is strictly prohibited, as are the use of sock puppet accounts. Those in violation of this will be subject to disciplinary action and their proposals removed.

  • No doxxing or revealing personal information about a user wishing to remaining anonymous.

  • Be respectful and courteous to each other even when disagreeing. Do not troll or make fun of other peoples’ proposals.

  • Do not ever give out your personal keys under any circumstances.

  • No price discussions, referral links, or other types of promotional content.